Provide detailed annotated UX solution. This is to provide as much information necessary for engineers to develop the feature

Provide visual solution for high and low-end devices

Rework existing Store to provide LOs the tool and flexibility for different offer types.

Rework existing IAP store to showcase more offers on device and improve user experience while browsing the IAP store

Create core wireframes and user flow for a feature

Mcoc - UI/UX

In this project, I work closely and collaboratively with Game Designers and LO Designers to understand the design/business goal of a feature in order to actualize their vision.
I am responsible for creating wireframes, user flow and a fully annotated mock-up that address different user types as well as cover any possible edge cases.
I also work closely with backend and frontend engineers to ensure I understand the restriction and how they plan to implement the feature (this allows the UX team to future proof for possible expansion of the feature)

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, Tableau

Lead UX Designer